idiot savant

i am an idiot savant.

okay-- well, not really.  i AM capable of learning all kinds of different things.

but over the course of my life i have discovered that i have a bizarre talent that not everyone has:  i am spatially brilliant (though i just had to look up how to spell 'spatially'-- no kidding).

i don't feel strange using 'brilliant' in that sentence because i am so incapable of so many other things-- and it is a talent, not an acquired skill.   for whatever odd reason i can see things in space and understand how to arrange them in a way that is quite impossible for some people.

that means windows, walls, room shapes, furniture.... you name it.  give me a room that you want to make feel comfortable and cozy, and i can arrange things to make that happen.  ask me whether a new house that so far only exists in an architect's plans is livable-- i can see it in my mind and tell you where the 'living' problems are.

it is incredibly gratifying that this odd talent of mine is actually useful. yesterday, for example, i was at a client's house.  i have been working with this client for some time now on plans for their new house-- but yesterday we were focussing on getting the old house ready to go on the market.  we moved furniture, re-arranged little things-- and by the time i left i felt pretty good about how things were looking!  it is so fun to see how things come together in real life.

where is your brilliance?


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