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i have been thinking a lot in these last months about my work-- where do i work best? how do i best ensure my business's financial sustainability? what do i most want my life to be like?-- these are the questions.

first i explored the possibility of buying a building that i could move my home and my business into.  i imagined a very nice lifestyle-- spending my mornings in my pajamas in my design studio, decorating for holidays both inside and out, having the time and energy to garden because my home and my work would be in the same location.

but that didn't work out.

and yet my lease is up this summer, and though i LOVE my current location, it doesn't really make sense for me financially-- i find i have to work much harder than i used to and yet i do not necessarily take home that much more money because my expenses are quite high.

SO?  i have been looking for a new location for my business.

there are so many factors to think about!  the expense to income ratio, the lifestyle factors-- all deeply important to my life.  i am not feeling under any significant pressure-- i have several months to make a decision.

i am enjoying the exploration and the possibilities!

happy thursday.


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