designs that don't get used

in the process of designing a house-- whether the designs include drawings and plans for a major renovation or an addition, a drawing of a floor-plan, or the drawings and measurements for a new piece of furniture-- there are always designs that don't get used.

a client decides not to proceed with a project, a design gets modified far enough that it is essentially turned into something else, or i have drawn two choices and therefore one naturally gets left out-- in some way or another there are designs that don't end up being turned into the real thing.

i think about those unused designs sometimes-- in my mind they exist, in 3D and color.  because they are unused, they seem to become more like ART than my usual everyday designs that get used-- they are static and stationary in the drawn-but-not-built stage.  because they are not being lived with and used and therefore constantly altered to some degree or another-- they feel more 'finished' and complete.

at some point i would love to collect them all into a book.


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