coping with stress

i talk with a lot of people every day.  a lot of people are stressed out.  they are struggling with an intolerable work environment or an illness in the family or too much work or not enough money or too little time to do whatever it is that they really need to do.  it leaves them tired and unable to focus, ill, and with an overwhelming sense of uncertainty that is the result of not knowing how long they may have to live in this current state.

i am also stressed much of the time these days.

as my business has grown and evolved i have not always been conscious of the stress-- i have felt good that i am making enough money, or happy to hear people tell me how much they appreciate what i am doing.  i have not been aware that i am feeling more and more stressed.  as the business has grown i have not always been aware that it is taking over more and more parts of my life-- i love my work, after all-- and getting to do more of it is not something that i have seen as a problem.

recently, however, i have noticed that i am less relaxed than i would like to be.  little things that are important to me (my morning walks with my dog, for example) are more likely to fall through the cracks.  my house is more messy, my mail is unopened, my napkins are not ironed.  and i am on edge more of the time-- because even though what i am doing is fun and going really well,  i actually have more on my plate than i can comfortably cope with.

SO i am thinking about how to keep doing all that i do-- keep doing all the things that i love-- but with less stress.  i am imagining different schedules, different ways of doing things at the shop or in the design business-- and more help!

we'll see!



Andrew Bellak said...

Hi Mary-Moore,

Cool blog.

By the way, is your comcast email address working? I'm getting error messages.

andrew bellak

shopgirl said...

hi andrew! thanks! we are no longer using the comcast e-mail. our new email is "info@theclawfoottub.com".

new website coming soon as well!



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