trial and error

i did not used to believe in the idea of failure.  i was well aware that things often do not work out as we hope, but the idea of failure suggested finality to me that i did not agree with-- that if we FAIL at something, that it is not a bump in the road, it is a ROAD BLOCK--  it's over-- there is no possibility of moving forward in that same area.  i just didn't believe that to be true.


the other morning on NPR, i heard a story about research into mosquito lifespans-- the scientist interviewed, michael riehle,  talked about the trial and error involved in doing scientific research.

"In science, you usually have to go down a lot of blind alleys before you find what you're looking for, if you ever do."


"...a lot of science is failure and building upon what doesn't work....  Failure is inevitable in science, so it's not failure itself that's bad, it's just not learning anything from your failures.  Actually, what we call failure a lot of times leads to new lines of discovery."

this notion of failure changed my thinking about that word.  life is a process, just like science.

we are all going to have failure-- we don't do as well as we would like on a test at school; we try giving flowers to a boy who turns out not to be interested; a proposal does not go over so well with a client-- no matter how big or small the failure we have the opportunity to look forward with that new data and adjust our future experiments accordingly-- and therefore to use our failures as building blocks.

i am going to keep on building.

happy friday--


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