thinking about my mother

this morning i realized another way that i am following in my mother's footsteps.

every morning for as long as i can remember my mother has done the same thing: she comes into the kitchen first thing, in her robe and slippers, and empties the dishwasher while her coffee is brewing.  the routine of this is comforting to me-- wherever we are together, i always know when she wakes up because of the little noises in the kitchen of my mother putting the clean dishes away.

i assume she has done this for her entire adult life.

i never got into this habit-- probably in part because i don't drink coffee; or perhaps because i have not always had a dishwasher; or it could also be true that i have not developed any particular habits in the morning because my children have been young enough to take primary focus at that time of day.

but recently?  i find myself getting up, putting on my robe and slippers, and heading into the kitchen.  i turn on the kettle for my tea, empty the dishwasher and drainboard of clean dishes, wash anything that i left in the sink the night before-- then dry my hands and pour the now-boiled water over my tea.

and i think about my mother.

good morning, mum.


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