i joined 'pinterest' a year or so ago--  pinterest is an online community of people interested in aesthetics of one form or another.  start an account and you can 'pin' pictures from all over the internet-- products and buildings and food and gardens and books-- anything you like the looks of-- onto 'boards' that you create.  i have 'favorite things', 'favorite spaces', 'dining rooms' and 'chairs i love', for example.

i liked pinterest immediately for ability it gave me to create my own little aesthetic world.  it is a curator's dream website.

but what happens on 'pinterest' that is most interesting to me is the conversations between people-- people 'liking' and 're-pining' each other's photos-- so that a conversation builds between people who may or may not know each other at all-- about their aesthetic choices.

and more recently i have been getting clients who are using pinterest-- a client will be gathering pictures on pinterest of kitchen ideas-- for example-- and will pull up their boards to show me what they are talking about.  so helpful!  and it is all free because each 'pin' you make automatically cites the website you got the 'pin' from-- so it becomes free advertising for the originator of the photo.  (the photo above, for example, comes from baileyshomeandgarden.com-- which would have been right under the photo if it was on pinterest).

and i recently started making boards specifically so that i can throw ideas out for clients-- 'jessica's kitchen' for example, is a board specially made for my client jessica-- so that we can bounce ideas back and forth for her kitchen.  and yet lots of other people are re-pinning those same photos to their own boards-- and i am able to follow those boards-- which might lead me to more ideas for jessica.



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Katie said...

i had no idea you were on pinterest! so excited. i've been "pinning" photos from your blog and shop all over the place. so glad i can follow you now!

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