oil-based paint

this table is painted with an oil-based floor paint-- a really good finish for a table to be used inside or out.

good paint is expensive-- 'farrow and ball', 'fine paints of europe'-- even 'pratt and lambert', and 'benjamin moore' are more expensive than what you can buy at 'home depot'.  but, with paint, you get what you pay for.  the paint that you buy at 'home depot' tends to not work as well-- it needs more coats of paint to cover a wall, and it tends to fade in color, and becomes 'see through' after a while.  good paint will cover well, with fewer coats, AND it will last longer so that you don't have to paint as often.

thus saving you money in the long run.

the same is true when it comes to 'green' paints-- low VOC or no VOC-- paints that do not contain toxins that will hurt us and the planet.  the less you will have to re-paint, the lower your overall VOC number is going to be.  if you use a paint with low VOCs but have to re-paint in two years, you are raising your VOC number over using a paint that has slightly higher VOCs but lasts for ten years.

the state of massachusetts recently banned oil-based paints-- a move that i only partially agree with.  on one hand-- yes, it is true that we should not be producing ANY products that are environmentally harmful.  on the other hand-- this table will not have to be re-painted for decades (if it is kept in a sheltered place and brought inside during the winter, or is kept inside all the time).  if it were painted with latex paint-- it would have to be re-painted every few years, thus increasing the environmental damage done by the paint.

buy good paint to begin with and we are all better off.


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