how do we know what we want?

everyday we are bombarded with images and ideas about houses, home, fashion, food, entertainment-- all the different parts of our lives-- in advertisements, magazines, billboards, television, media of all kinds.  how do we really know what we like when we are so inundated with what the various industries tell us we should like?  how do we know that what we are drawn to is not just the latest trend being shown to us all day long (trying to sell us more stuff)?

i have found that there are times i really want something that i later don't like at all.  it is possible that my tastes have changed, but i suspect that those are the things that i wanted (and bought) because they were sold to me so well.  at some point they just look yucky to me-- out of style and outdated.  those are the avocado colored refrigerators of the moment.

there are other things that i just love-- and i love them for decades no matter how my style changes-- and i can never quite see that those things are out of style or outdated.  they always, always, look right to me.  wicker chairs, for example.  i never tire of a good wicker chair.  i suspect that these are the things that i truly love-- these things really are MY style.

but, in the moment of purchase, how do we tell the difference?  how do we know that we don't just want a double sink because it is currently THE THING TO HAVE?  how do we know that we are going to love this thing as much in two (or twenty) years as we do right now?

age and experience, i suppose, are the best guides.


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