the emotional cost of real estate

in the residential real estate world, there are deals that go through smoothly and are relatively easy-- and then there are deals that are wrenching and kind-of awful.   what i have found is that the smooth deals are not necessarily about the money-- you may get a house for the price you want OR you may end up paying quite a bit more for it-- but whether you feel good about the process or not is based on how the people involved behave.

it has become common practice in recent years for buyers and sellers to treat each other like stereotypical used-car salesmen.  buyers talk down the sellers' house, as if telling someone how many things are wrong with their house (in very derogatory and condescending language) is going to convince a seller to lower their price!  and sellers-- acting as though theirs is the only PERFECT house on the market-- treat buyers as if they are not intelligent adults making serious financial decisions.  what have we come to?!

in my opinion: there is no need to be verbally petty, rude, or inconsiderate.  and absolutely no place for posturing, bluffing, or game playing-- those deals come at an emotional cost that is not easily shaken.

when people are kind and conscientious-- the business side of things is just business.  we all understand that we are making difficult financial decisions.  put your business cards on the table and move forward with respect for the other people involved.  you will come through the process, whether buying or selling, feeling whole and treated well-- and generally happy about how things went.

the goal is to try to rise above the yukky stuff.  HOME, after all, is at stake.  keep your eyes on the prize, try your best not to add to the posturing, keep the business side of things to business--

and be polite, people.


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