deciding not to move

early last fall i had the opportunity to buy a building and move both my home and my work into the same place.  this has long been a dream of mine--  to live above the shop for real-- to join my two homes into one place,  BUT after three months of keeping the house really clean, dozens of (mostly) strangers walking around in our space, three backed-out-of contracts on my house, two impasses of negotiation on buildings i was trying to buy, and a lot of my hair falling out-- i have decided that we are not meant to move.

so we are settling back into our house as our HOME-- re-arranging the little things that we had moved in order to stage our house, making messes that we don't immediately clean up, and thinking in a long term sense (again) about our little house.  it feels unbelievably good.

the dining room is getting a makeover-- i'll post the photos!


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