color study

after deciding not to sell my house, i have been obsessing over colors for my dining room.  it has been painted white-- a stark grey-white that is the basic 'white' of benjamin moore's 'natura' line (the same color we have on the walls at the shop).  i painted it three years ago when i first moved in-- but i have never liked it.  so-- in this new spirit of reconnecting with my home-- i am painting again.

i thought at first about going towards a creamy off-white-- 'linen white', 'navajo white', 'swiss coffee'  were all options.  but my floor is yellow-- really very yellow-- and i had liked the contrast of the color on the floor with the no-color of the walls.

so i have chosen this one-- benjamin moore's 'halo'.  it is a blue-green-grey off-white.  so subtly close to white that it will not be that noticeable, but warm and yummy in it's color.  it plays really nicely with the white things in the room-- and with the color of the floor.

i know what i am going to be doing this weekend...


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