bedroom talk

what i do when i am working with a client is so much more than decorating.  i ask intimate questions about how people live--   i go to people's houses and help them figure out how to make them better-- not just more beautiful, but better to live in.  sometimes we are talking about re-arranging the living room; sometime we are talking about renovating the bathroom;  and sometimes we need to talk about the bedroom.

recently, at a much-loved client's house, we were talking about their bedroom.  my clients need new furniture for their bedroom-- better storage for clothing, better lamps and bedside tables, AND a new bed.  i asked what size bed they would like-- "a king?" i asked-- this is a TALL couple-- i was thinking about the length of the bed.

my wonderful client got straight to the heart of the matter-- "no-- we would like a queen-sized bed.  we have enough going on in our lives that keeps us separate-- we need a smaller bed so we really have to deal with each other."

oh, how much i agreed with her!

so much goes on between a couple in their bed!  not just the obvious (stop that giggling in the back of the room) SEX-- but intimacy on all levels.  physical, romantic, comforting intimacy-- intimate conversations, intimate connecting.  giggling, talking, snuggling--  AND, as my client said-- dealing with each other.  i have worked with a lot of clients and seen a lot of bedrooms-- the bed is the place that keeps most couples together.

look at YOUR bedroom-- is it the afterthought?  is it the place that things get dumped, that the occupants snatch a bit of sleep now and then?  and then think about your relationship-- are you really dealing with each other?

put some intention into your bedroom and see what happens.


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