the trading post

sorry for the grainy photo-- i stole it from 'the trading post's' facebook page.

there is this shop, here in amherst, that is called 'the trading post'.  the trading post is in the basement of a commercial building a little bit out of town, and it is THE place to find all the little things you need to make a house feel like a home.  a trip to the trading post is like going to the biggest and BEST tag sale you have ever been to-- the prices are a little higher than average tag sale prices, but the stuff is way better than the best tag sale you have ever been to.  louise, the owner, shops all over for her goods-- auctions, tag sales, AND in people's houses-- moving soon?  have good stuff that you don't want to take with you?  louise, gina, and sam can come help you with that.  at 'the trading post' you can find vintage cottage, vintage retro, vintage modern-- furniture and paintings and rugs and tools and lamps.... everything you need to furnish your home, in whatever style you want.

i love that place.


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