small business taxes

around here-- it is tax time.

i used to dread putting all our numbers together for the accountant.  i used to get all tight and anxious and somehow feel badly about myself for.... everything financially related.  i would put off doing the numbers as long as possible-- with the april deadline looming and causing enormous dread.

over the years i have learned that this is actually a really good part of my year.  the numbers themselves are just numbers-- they don't have to carry any emotional weight.  they can, in fact, be extremely helpful to me.  i have come to understand that this is a great time of year for reflection. a time of seeing the big picture and what made sense last year and what didn't-- and a time to think more clearly about the financial planning for the year ahead.

and-- unlike the way i used to do things-- these days we are all in it together.  christina and chris have each had their share of tedious tasks related to putting the taxes together this year-- inventory and expense checking and re-checking-- making sure we have recorded everything and put those numbers in their proper places.  it makes it a lot easier to share the burden!

thanks, guys.


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