rude customers

here's the thing:

customers-- people who wander in off the street and ask questions, buy things, etc. from a shopkeeper-- are not always the most polite bunch.  they walk around the shop talking loudly on their cell phones, they criticize the products, they complain that things change too much (or don't change enough), and every now and then they have the need to tell me how i should be running my business ('forget all this fair trade crap, there is no money in that').  etc. etc. etc.

over the years i have gotten used to it.  i know the real reasons behind my doing things the way i do them, AND i know that there is absolutely no way that i can please everybody.  i recognize that other people's rudeness is not really about me-- perhaps that person is having a particularly hard time, or perhaps they don't have any say in their home or in their work-- so they feel the need to have some say in mine.

fortunately the rude customers are very much in the minority.

nevertheless it is my job to make a welcoming place-- a comfortable, beautiful place.  and really? if people are comfortable enough to be rude, i am probably doing a good job.


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