love affair with a house

my house has been on the market for the last couple of months.  it has been under contract three times during that period-- twice to the same people and currently to some other people-- and along the way i have had a lot of time to think about my house, and what it is about this place that feels like home.

i will start by saying that it is not a perfect house.  it is on a busy-ish street, and quite close to the road.  it is small-- each room proportional but there is not a lot of flexibility in the furniture placement, size, etc-- there is just not any extra space.  my house does not have a back deck, patio, or porch-- the back steps just drop you right into the large, grassy yard.  and the basement is damp from time to time, which, while not terrible, is just not always that great because it causes worry, if nothing else, about bigger problems.

there are things, however, that make this house quite perfect.  it has a large mudroom with a closet, lots of hooks, and a tile floor.  AND the mudroom doors open both to the front and to the back.  it has a pantry with space for feeding the cats and the dog away from the kitchen itself, and it houses the laundry in a secret spot behind the door.  the kitchen is sunny and bright-- and though small there is always plenty of room for all our things.  the screened porch, on the west side of the house, has a stone floor that is cool to the feet in the summer-- and it has hosted the most intimate late night summer dinners among my friends.  my closet-- i could go on for a very long time about my closet-- my closet has  closet organizers that are, well, an organizer's dream come true.  i love the colors of this house, the sunlight streaming in, the cross-breezes in the summer and the cozy warmth in the winter. i love the details: the door panels, the door knobs, the original built-ins, the little pieces that make it so pretty in all its smallness.

we bought this house at a time we needed refuge-- post divorce and after all the fallout from such a huge life change-- and my daughters and i have felt safe and well held in this house.   we have worked on it-- painted, put up towel rods and hooks, done minor construction taking down walls and replacing the kitchen counter.  but most of all we have just loved being here.  it is a house that feels really good to be in.

that is home.


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