january quiet

retailers often dread january.  after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, january is dead-- quiet and without a lot of customers-- and without a lot of money.  we have paid what bills we could with our holiday money-- and now we are catching up with paperwork, putting together the tax numbers from the previous year, and thinking and planning for the new year.    for retailers who live for the busy season-- january can be a painful wait through a miserable boredom.

for me, january is an enormous blessing.  it is the quiet, contemplative period for putting the house back in order. the sun is streaming in our windows no matter how cold it is outside, and the shop is a beautiful place to sit in one spot with a cup of tea and tally up lots of little numbers in my record books.  i like doing the deep cleaning that we do this time of year-- re-organizing the paperwork and the storage room-- and getting all the dust from all the corners.

january is a time for resting, re-couperating, and for getting ready--  things will be bustling again very soon.

i love that.


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