house staging

some houses have great bones.

often people don't know what it is about a house that makes it feel good.  they think it is the furniture, or the colors-- but most of the time, while furniture and color can be used to help a house that doesn't have good bones-- what they are feeling is the architecture itself.

when i speak of a house that has 'good bones' what i mean is that the house's architecture-- the actual positions of the walls, how high the ceilings are,  and the placement of doors, windows, and fireplaces-- was intentional.  thought and priority was given to the proportions of the rooms.

these photos are from a beautiful house i am working on this week-- we are getting it ready to go on the market for sale.  the house-- an absolutely lovely 1886 victorian-- has amazing bones.  great proportion, great lines, great views from one room into the next.  it is the sort of house that feels really good to be in-- just because of its architecture.  the surface details?  the beautiful wallpapers and elegant paint colors?  those could all be changed to make the house look different, but it will not effect how good it feels.

all this (and the homeowners' beautiful things) are making my job easy.


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