enjoying the silence

the recent new york times article, 'the joy of quiet', posted by my friend sarah on her blog's facebook page, resonated deeply for me.

[and please note:  in that last sentence alone i included two links-- two major ways you could interrupt what you were reading and be transported over to other articles by other authors talking about similar, but different, things.]

in it the author talks about the need for quiet, unplugged, uninterrupted time to think, create, and allow our minds to rest-- and he makes the point quite strongly that perhaps it is only through this uninterrupted time that we can do the best creating and thinking.

this is certainly true for me.

i need time every day to think.  i need time that is uninterrupted-- time that is not plugged in, turned on, or connected-- to process my life, my feelings, and my thoughts.  when i have time to think my life seems much more straight forward-- busy and full-- but manageable and simple.  when i don't have time to think my life feels overwhelming and confusing.

coming off almost a week of vacation, and a lot of time to think, my life is feeling nice and simple.  now-- how to keep it this way?


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