i am visited by friends during the day-- friends joining me at the shop for tea, friends bringing lunch to share.  we talk and pass the time on a slow saturday afternoon.  it is snowing outside.  i leave work and wander across to my favorite restaurant.  i have a salad, maybe a drink, and perhaps other friends come by and join in.  we decide to go to another establishment-- for food, drinks, perhaps even for dancing-- or to meet up with other friends.  we are very much a group-- traveling together as a pack.  we talk about our day, our week-- what's happened since the last time we saw each other.  we mention friends who are not with us-- checking in about how they are doing as well.  we take care of each other.  someone is struggling with some major life choices-- others are respectful and caring.  someone had a glass of wine too many-- others are watchful.  a man comes over and starts talking to me, we dance a little bit.  one by one my friends check in with me-- visually, verbally-- to see if i am happy talking to this man or want help moving away from him.  i am okay. i am with my friends.  eventually we make our way home-- each to our own beds-- and there is happiness and peace in having spent time together.



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