admitting our mistakes

sometimes it is hard to change things.

sometimes we find ourselves in situations that are more or less intolerable, but to make a change is so hard that we choose not to try.  we attempt to smooth things over and make like everything is okay.  sometimes trying to change a situation can even feel like admitting we made a mistake-- or admitting that by getting ourselves into the intolerable situation we were stupid, or have bad judgement, or just plain should have known better.

but really-- all of us are human, and by virtue of being human, we make mistakes.  we make choices that don't turn out well or we get into situations that aren't good for us--  it is in our nature.

in the last few years i have made a number of mistakes-- some bigger than others--but all of them choices that lead to negative situations personally, or to troubles in my business.  i have learned-- through making mistakes-- that the very best thing i can do is admit (first to myself!) that i made a mistake.  that i made the best decision i could at the time i made it-- or even that my judgement was clouded by the situation-- but that i now understand that it was not a good choice.

each time i have made a mistake i have learned from it-- i have learned things that will mean i will not make that same mistake again.  AND-- by being able to admit my mistake, i have been able to move on-- to take what i have learned from a not-so-good situation and use it to transform the moment into a good one.  each time i have had to do this-- to rise from the ashes once again-- i have come out the other side stronger and more able to move forward.

take it from me: admit mistakes-- learn from them-- and then move on.  it will not be easy, but if you can do it, you will be given the opportunity to do something wonderful and new.

i have.

happy new year!!!



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