small town christmas

sunday mornings might be my favorites.  it takes a long time for our sleepy little college town to wake up and on a morning like this one-- cold and clear, sunny and bright-- those early hours are mine to putter, drink my tea, and enjoy the luxury of space to think.

this morning, as i washed the dishes, dusted the shelves, cleaned up after yesterday's holiday shopping mayhem-- a young woman pulled up in front of the shop in her small subaru suv.  i don't remember ever seeing this woman before-- college aged, beautiful and chic in a woodsy kind-of way--  she must live upstairs.  her dog was with her this morning, hopping around her excitedly as she took trips upstairs and back to her car.  and then there was the moment i recognized her-- when she walked over to her bike, the same road bike that has been chained up in different spots along the railing outside my shop since august.  i had assumed this bike belonged to a man-- a silver road bike with a man's frame and bright yellow tape on the handle bars.  a beautiful bike-- a bike that has caused me to wonder about the owner-- it has been outside my shop, rain or shine, for months.

and this morning i learned that this bike belongs to this wonderful-seeming young woman.  she unlocked it and lifted it up onto the rack on the top of her car-- her dog still wagging excitedly about the trip ahead.  and then they got into her car and drove away, the dog in the front seat next to the woman-- a massachusetts plate and bumper stickers the only leave-behind message.

i look forward to her return after christmas!


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