opening a shop

this was our front window when we were first putting the shop together.  we had our beautiful cabinet, some cute ikea lights, and curtains behind so we could paint and shuffle things around with some degree of privacy--  we had no idea when we started five years ago how much our lives were going to change!

the thing about a shop is that it has a life of it's own.  of course i am the one guiding things in terms of the aesthetics-- the colors, the products, the kinds of services we offer-- the general feeling of the place-- but there is also the reality of a little shop being a collaborative effort between the shopkeepers, the vendors, and the public.  unlike corporate big-box stores where the floor plan is decided by central management and then implemented by local workers-- so that all 'ikeas' look pretty much the same-- a locally owned little shop will shift and change over time as different products become available, and as customers let the shopkeeper know what they like and want more of.

and the social world of the shop also shifts over time in much the same way-- a vendor will ask me to stay for lunch, we become friends, our work and social realms overlap.  a customer will chat one day, we will have tea, and over time we also become friends.  my whole life revolves, therefore around this living, breathing business-- a business that provides me with a creative outlet, a social realm, and, because it really is a collaborative effort-- every day my life is interesting and different.

who could have known?


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