one week left!

this last week before christmas is one of the funnest weeks in our shopkeeping year.  so many people-- friends, customers, total strangers who become one or both-- all coming in, shopping, buying, chatting-- it is all so festive and fun!

very little other work is attempted this week-- paperwork, client work, bill-paying-- all are suspended.  we focus on the purest form of shopkeeping-- the one set of things that we can really get done with so much hustle and bustle in the shop-- dusting, sweeping, re-stocking, answering questions about products, telling stories about products and vendors, AND writing up sales and wrapping presents.  this week everything we do is focused on the products and the customers-- and we are right at the center of our community.  it is an amazing experience--

come visit and see what i mean...


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