on writing a blog

when i first started writing this blog i spent very little time online.  i might check my e-mail once a day, do some research for a client into furniture or fabric that we were looking for, but i rarely 'surfed the net' on any level.  i did not, for example, ever read blogs.  in fact, i did not even know that there were people who do this professionally-- who spend their time online, reading and writing about what is going on in the world and online.   it is good that i didn't-- i probably would have been too intimidated and never gotten started.

i started writing this blog as a way to get used to the idea of other people reading my writing.  i have been working on a book about houses and home for some time now, and i thought a blog would help me with the book.  the book, sadly, has not moved forward since i started the blog, but all has not been lost!  i have learned some important things about myself and my work through writing this blog.  i HAVE learned to be comfortable with other people reading my writing (even if i am not always comfortable with their in-person compliments!).  i have learned that i can very easily articulate myself from my shopgirl persona in a way that feels good to me.  i have learned that i have a number of things that i am interested in (houses, home, community, race, economic equity, shopkeeping) all of which are very much interconnected.

writing this blog has also, over the last year and a half, helped me to clarify what i am doing in my business.  sometimes my work can feel complicated and confusing-- am i running a home furnishings shop? a fair trade shop? are style or politics more important? and where does my design business fit into all of that?  am a designer who runs a shop?  is it really a design studio with a retail aspect?  am i really a shop keeper who helps people with their houses? what about workshops? afternoon tea?

through writing this blog i have come to understand fully what i am doing-- i am a designer AND a shopkeeper-- and the way i do things those two are not separate.  my work is based both in design and in socio/political economics, and there is very little time that i am not thinking about both.

over the next few months there will be some physical changes in my workspace/shop-- a physical manifestation of what has become so clear to me about my work from writing this blog.  the shop is going to change-- to expand and grow in new directions that will fully manifest this understanding i now have about my work.

i am very excited about what is coming next!

as always-- come visit.


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