(not) buying commercial buildings

three months ago i thought-- 'wow, my life is so good and so settled'!

then the opportunity came along to buy a building that would accommodate both my home and my shop-- and life has been in quite an uproar ever since.

something i have learned? buying a commercial building is nothing like buying a house.  boy, was i naive!  to begin with, there are a lot more people that have to be involved in the process.  in this case, my realtor, the seller's realtor, the town planning board, the town zoning board, and the town inspection services (for commercial/ mixed-use building code compliance-- how's that for a phrase?) had to be met with.  then i needed a 'building code specialist', a fire inspector, and, of course, the bank.  all kinds of meetings and phone calls and lists and figuring out what to do next....

and ultimately the sellers and i could not come to agreement about how to make the deal happen-- so i am not buying the commercial building.  but what an education!

in the meantime i did find a buyer for my house....  so now what?

never a dull moment--


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