new year's eve reflection

on this beautiful sunny morning i am conscious of how much i have to be grateful for.

2011 was a year with many wonderful opportunities and many ways in which i connected with amazing people:  

in the last year i had the opportunity to work with incredible artists, artisans, and vendors to put together a beautiful collection of products in a way that continues to inspire my creativity.   i very much benefit from the wisdom of this group-- people willing to spend their time with me, teaching me how to better do my job-- to marsha, molly, shaila, lee, nicole, and charles, especially, i am grateful.
i am also grateful for my customers in the shop-- not only for their continued financial support of what i do,  but for their insights, their conversations with me, their willingness to talk with me about their lives, our political economy, fair trade, divorce, raising children, design, color, and all the bits and pieces of life. because of my customers,  i feel very much part of my community, and i am grateful.

this year i was also blessed with the opportunity to work with an amazing group of clients-- people who trusted me, my vision, and my process in their homes.  working in the intimacy of someone's home requires a delicate balance on both our parts-- something rarely talked about.  my client's lives touched mine in ways that allowed me to continue to grow both personally and professionally-- and for that i am grateful.

2011 also brought new cooperation with a group of incredible designers-- all of us with our own businesses but working together to support each other in what we do.  bettina and maya were central in many, many conversations that brought new clarity and intention to my design business.  my plans (and excitement) for 2012 are very much a result of those conversations!  

in 2011 i had the opportunity to teach at one of our local community colleges.  i taught african american history-- OUR history of race, political economics, and how we got where we are now-- to a group of thirty bright and engaged students.  they had the courage and the energy to take on a difficult subject and to make it their own.  their ideas and courage inspire me to do more and be better in my own life every day.

AND this year i worked with incredible people in the shop-- kate, molly, christina, and chris, as well as tim, marcella, david, sean, mark, deo, and linda--  each helped with the daily care and feeding of the shop in one way or another this year.  they also listened to me, helped me to create and implement systems to make things work more smoothly--and they put up with my chaos!  i could not do what i do without you guys-- thanks!

another year over-- and i am grateful for the many, many wonderful opportunities that it afforded.

happy new year!



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