my funny family

okay-- things have gotten out of hand.  i have a general way of giving my family a discount on items at my shop.  i give this same discount to a number of my friends.  well, actually, i give discounts left and right whenever i feel like it.  who wouldn't?  it's fun!

well-- my dad and his partner arrived at my house this evening, a bit later than i expected.  we have had dinner, helped the children with their homework, and now we are hanging out in the living room enjoying our lighted tree.

that's when the truth comes out-- my parents stopped off at the shop before arriving at my house.  they were not looking for me, they were doing their shopping while i was not there and could not give them a discount!  they even wore hats so that christina would not recognize them! the sneakiness!

no wonder i tend to swim against the tide...


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