helping ourselves

over the last few days i have been engaging in an interesting conversation on facebook: initially a friend of mine posted a paragraph suggesting that we (the 99%-- if you will) need to be doing more than just supporting 'occupy' if we want to work for change in our economy.  he wrote:

"We keep waiting & praying for the Government, or God, or the 1% to do something to help us when our energies might be better spent elsewhere. What about a crowd-sourced WPA? There's got to be something we can do besides complain, place blame, feel ashamed. How do we fix this, by ourselves and for each other?"

i agree.

we have been floating ideas back and forth-- several other people joining in-- for two days now.  we have community based/ community funded industry, barter programs, free markets (where people bring in anything they no longer need, and other people take those things they need-- with no money exchanged), labor exchange programs...  all ideas that move outside our current economic system.

maybe you have ideas as well?  ways we can help ourselves and each other?

write me--



Anonymous said...

I agree, more needs to be done. I was in a seventh grade social studies class this week where the teacher was leading a discussion on communism and was using the "Occupy" movement to explain communism to the kids! She basically said the Occupy Wallstreet Movement was about taking rightfully earned money from the rich and giving it to people who refused to work hard for a living. Education might be the first step! Yikes!

shopgirl said...

thanks, meaghan-- i think so many people misunderstand what is happening right now in our economy. so frustrating! mary-moore.

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