this time of year is, of course, the busiest at the shop.  people are coming in, shopping for their loved ones, thinking about what presents will best suit whom.  it is a festive and exhausting time for me-- but one of my favorite parts of the year.

this year, however, feels a little bit different-- people are all talking about the economy, which shops have closed in the last year, which shops are rumored to be closing soon. what i am hearing from people is fear and concern.  people are asking me, in sometimes worried tones, how i am doing.

i will admit that i am afraid as well.


i am also hearing my customers tell me-- regularly and very directly-- 'i am grateful that you are here'.

thus-- i am getting paid verbally in ways that are immeasurable:  my customers, those who are conscious of what i do and how much i am going against the grain of the current economy, are telling me that they appreciate how many of my products are local;  they are also telling me how glad they are that i don't sell anything that is part of the multi-national global greed-based mess that has gotten us into this economic situation.  and to put the icing on the cake--  people tell me all day long how beautiful my shop is.

it means the world to me to be recognized in this way.

thank you.


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