feeding the soul

i often think of myself as a curator-- a person who hosts and arranges the work of artists and artisans.

it feeds my soul to work with such beautiful hand-made things.

this weekend at the shop we are hosting a 'trunk show' of marsha and molly lieberman's work. i love the weekend trunk shows-- i love loading in the artist's work, finding how to fit it into our already crowded shop,  and placing things just so-- so that their art and the products we already have find their balance with each other.

but my favorite part of hosting weekend trunk shows?  the artists themselves.  this weekend marsha and molly will spend much of the weekend with me in the shop.  they will greet and chat with customers about their work, about their process, and about the materials they use.  they will help me behind the counter as i need, AND we will have a lot of time to talk about living simply, producing art, and living a creative life.

marsha is a painter and textile artist, molly a quilter and textile artist as well.  between them they bring such beautiful things into our shop-- paintings, quilts, notecards, mittens, bags, aprons, pillowcases-- but they also bring a lightness of being, a creativity of thought, and an enormous level of wisdom about doing what we do-- selling hand-made things in a machine-made world.

it will be a really good, soul-feeding weekend for me.

come join us and feed your soul as well!  saturday and sunday 10-6.


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