design photos

this is not a professionally produced photograph.

a professionally produced photo-- like those of houses in magazines-- are all staged.  to get that level of perfection magazine editors rely on a team of people working for a number of hours to create each shot.  there is an editor (or producer), a photographer, a slew of assistants, stylists, and designers-- all on hand with equipment and props of all kinds.  the editor and photographer decide what the look is that the photo shoot is needing to produce-- the photographer actually takes the photo, but also decides what angle to take the photo from, what will be in the photo, the lighting, etc..   and the assistants, stylists, and designers arrange the lighting, furniture, props, etc. to suit whatever the photographer wants.  what you end up with is a carefully staged and managed-- and beautiful-- photograph of a home.

i have had my work professionally photographed at times (though i have played my own stylist)-- but often what i want is just a snapshot of the beautiful new windows (and the view of a frozen river that they now allow) that i designed for a client.

low rent!


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