wanting to live above the shop

in the old days shop keepers routinely lived behind or above their business establishments.  their spouses and children worked with them, at least some of the time, in their shops.  their work and their home lives were not particularly separate.

these days that sounds like it would make my life much easier:

the middle of the night trips to make sure everything is okay at the shop when the alarm goes off;  the early morning trips to check on the electricity;  the keeping up with two ‘households’—two sets of bills, two sets of cleaning implements, two sets of creative ideas for decorating;  all leave me ragged and feeling like i am duplicating myself left and right.

my dream is to have it all in one place—with separation for my home-space so that my family and i have a little privacy—but one set of bills, one garden to tend, one place to roost.  nothing but a walk downstairs to check on the shop.  nothing but a look out the window to see how the streets are at the shop.  and ease of connection between my home and my work that is, again, very old fashioned in our modern shop keeping world...  but exactly what i want.

i am looking for the right place-- a building that will allow me to have my home and my work in one spot.  a building that will allow me to grow in interesting ways-- that will allow me to sell garden things, architectural salvage, maybe even cupcakes.  and a building that will have a cozy upstairs retreat for my family-- a space with a lot of sun and room for a woodstove.  and i want to have a garden-- something i have very little time for now because i am going back and forth between two buildings-- flower and tomatoes and beautiful places to sit and enjoy it all.  

i will let you know!



Green Key said...

Mary Moore, I love this idea! I used to stop for milk or bread at a little grocery in Rifton, NY that was the front room of a family home. I remember seeing through a door to the kitchen in the back. It was surprising, and yes, very old-fashioned! I can't wait to see what you find.

JC said...

sounds like heaven, mm.

shopgirl said...


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