victoria hagan

just looking at the photo of the cover of her new book, it is no surprise that i have been a long-time fan of victoria hagan.  her work is timeless, typically monotone in color, and comfortable while still reaching the very highest heights of elegance.

interior portraits  is a retrospective of hagan's work over the last twenty years of her solo career.  it is a memoir of projects she has worked on-- including her philosophy, her developing style, and her understanding of the work that she does.  it states,

'when done well, interior design has the capacity to affect human beings both emotionally and intellectually, it should not only make us feel happy and elevate our souls, but should stimulate our minds and set our imaginations free.  a great interior environment should bring joy, encourage beautiful thoughts, and facilitate conversation and human connection among its dwellers.'

i agree whole heartedly.

we have the book at the shop-- come check it out when you are next in town!


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