yesterday was something of a comedy-- we needed to have someone in the shop, and two people to deliver a few pieces of furniture to customers and clients.  meanwhile chris needed to register for classes, christina was not feeling all that well, and i had to leave in time to pick up my daughters and take them to ballet and things.

we managed by switching places over the course of the day to accommodate the different needs at different times-- but by the middle of the afternoon our system deteriorated and i was just going to close, and leave a note on the door that we would re-open shortly.  ten minutes after leaving, however, i realized that the shop was open and that kate was working!  she had just stopped in to upload some client-related photos to our computer, found that no one was working, and there she was-- keeping things going in the midst of some chaos!

SO....   a note of thanks to the amazing people who work with me:

to christina for keeping up with the day-to-day stuff, for listening to me, and for lending the shop her quiet calm a few days a week;  to chris for being instinctually good in the shop, good with customers, and for being willing to help in so many different ways on different days.  and to kate for both seeing and supporting my vision, and for helping me to do really great things-- and for just opening the shop when no one else is in evidence!

and to all of you for working so well together and for putting up with me!

i am incredibly grateful for all your help.


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