some days i spend catching up on paperwork-- i pay a few bills, make sure my client paperwork is up to date, file things away-- and the best part?  clearing off my desk and getting to draw built-ins, new furniture plans, or whole house lay-outs for clients.  much of my day is going to look like this today-- and i am happy!

as i have mentioned, i have been looking for a new place-- ideally a place where i can live AND work-- a place that will simplify my life (both financially and logistically).   i am still looking-- but along the way i am finding out all kinds of things about myself-- all kinds of grown-up things.  i am not afraid of going to meet with a banker and finding out how much money i can borrow.  i am not afraid to meet with building code inspectors, town planners, and all the other people who can help (or impede) my progress with finding the right building for my purposes.   i am not afraid of telling people that, even though i have moved both my house and my shop in the last three years-- i am willing to move again if i can find the right fit to make our lives better.  and i am not afraid to do the legwork to pursue an idea, and then, ultimately, to decide that the time, effort, and money that i have invested have paid off already-- because i have realized that the latest idea really does not make sense.

i am a grown-up!



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