'if you can resist the police... we can resist the market and the mall' -- from a speech by douglas rushkoff, media theorist, last wednesday at 'occupy wall street'.

i was at the mall last wednesday-- a place i very seldom go-- to look at a winter coat my daughter wanted to buy.  i was struck by how many people there were there, and by all the generally useless stuff-- all of it made in asia or south america, and much of it made out of plastic and other non-recyclable materials.

what i have noticed as a retailer since the 'occupy' movement started-- a movement that must happen because it creates the possibility of real awareness and therefore of real change for the better in our country and in our international economic system-- is that my sales are down.  they are starting to pick up again now as we near the holiday season, but for much of september and october my sales were significantly lower than they normally are at this time of year.  my assumption is that people who would normally shop in a place like mine are going to be more conscious of the 'occupy' movement, and more conscious of their spending habits while 'occupy' is happening.

this, really, is a good thing, but are sales at the mall down as well?

i am wondering if 'occupy' is preaching to the already aware, and if those who really need to hear the speeches are listening at all....


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