living without electricity...1.

in western massachusetts (in much of southern new england) we have been without electricity for much of the last week.  i have learned a number of interesting things during this time--  the next several blog posts will reflect these things i have learned...

we keep our heat set too high most of the time.  when my house was without power it was about 57 degrees in my living room—warm enough to be very comfortable with an extra sweater and good slippers on.  i have a gas stove so i set about cooking and baking—active things around a warm stove that kept me feeling cozy and good to feed my family and friends.  when i rested i put a blanket over me.

in my household we usually keep the heat fairly low—64 is the highest we usually set the thermostat—but i realized this weekend that actually 58 or 60 is quite comfortable if you think in terms of extra layers and being either active or at rest with a blanket.

why heat the whole house when all it takes to be comfortable is the right clothing?


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