keeping the house clean

these weeks of having my house for sale have been interesting-- the last time i sold a house i moved out before putting it on the market-- i had staged it, everything set up and beautiful, but no need to do much but come by and dust, put fresh flowers on the tables, turn lights on and off, and open and close the windows.  

this is different.

i generally think of our house as pretty neat.  everything has a place, and i put things back in their places on a regular basis.  but not every day!  we normally have books out-- more or less everywhere-- because there is a lot of reading going on around here all the time.  books are piled up on the coffee table, on our bedside tables, on our dining room table.  same with the dishes-- they get washed every day, and the kitchen cleaned up after meals, but there is generally a pile of clean dishes on the drainboard next to the sink and a few crumbs on the bread board that never get cleared away completely.  and the pet-related items--  the dog's bed (a huge pile of old quilts) gets washed every week but is always on the floor in the corner of my room,  and his huge food and water bowls are always on the floor in the pantry.  the floors, bathrooms, bed linens-- all are generally not far from clean, but none of them are ever obsessively clean-- there is always dog fur on everything if you look hard enough!

but compared to how tidy we have been keeping things during this period?  WHOA!!!  our house is normally something of a pig sty!

the truth is that it feels less like home in here right now-- not just because we have decided that we want to live somewhere else, but also because all the little un-tidyness that is part of our daily lives is not here right now.  i wonder how that affects potential buyers when they come in?  do they just like the cleanliness and the open space (enough to imagine their own things on the coffee table, etc.)?  or do they notice that it seems a little too perfect and not quite like home?



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