earth thanks

i walk in these woods many mornings-- i enjoy the trees, the stream, and the quiet of being outside.  each season is markedly different from the last, and each morning's weather changes the scene.

thanksgiving in the united states is a day when we give thanks for our many blessings-- most often for our family and friends-- and for the harvest.  we also, on this day, remember our country's history-- in one way or another-- of conflict and cooperation among peoples.  we remember our entwined history of racism and humanity-- of greed, grief, and generosity.

rarely on this day do we remember our planet as a whole.

this thanksgiving i am grateful for our planet.  grateful that she has survived another year, grateful that we still have a chance to save her from the destruction that we have wrought over the last four hundred years.  today i am going to start a new thanksgiving tradition around our table:  today i am going to make a vow to further reduce my footprint in the next year, to find more ways to teach others how to live with less, and to continue to work for the better cooperation between human life and the lives of all other organisms on our planet.

join me?


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