details of design

different eras of houses, and different styles, have different levels of detail in their design.  older houses-- those built before 1930-- tend to have quite a bit of detail in their windows, trim, and in the materials that were used.  as modern design rose in influence, houses had different kinds of details-- the windows changed shape, the trim details were different.  during the 1960's, as houses began to be built very cheaply, details for the most part 'went out the window' because they cost too much.

i tend, when designing renovations for houses, to put the details back in-- whether they had them to begin with or not.  the texture in the tile on the floor, shower surround, and counter in this bathroom, for example-- the knobs, the faucets, the lighting, the mirrors-- that line of cabinets and the spacing of the two sinks in the two rooms--  all chosen carefully for how they would fit together and suit the style and era of the house, and for how they would look and feel to use every day.

the good stuff--


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