designs for small kitchens

i have lived in a lot of apartments and houses over the years.  some have had huge kitchens with high end appliances and miles of countertop-- some have been tiny workhorses with everything within reach.  i tend to like the small kitchens for cooking in--

the most important element in designing a small kitchen is having enough counter (and in the right place/s).  this kitchen has three counter 'areas'-- one between the fridge and the stove which is perfect for prepping food to be cooked; one to the right of the stove which allows for a kind of snack or 'sandwich prep' area-- not absolutely necessary, but really nice when two people are in the kitchen at once; and then another section of counter between the fridge and the sink which works very well for drink making, and dirty dishes later in the evening.

the second most important element of a small kitchen is storage.  there needs to be enough storage in the immediate vicinity of the 'work triangle' (fridge, sink, stove) for dishes, glasses, cooking implements, and pots and pans.  there also needs to be space for the all-the-time foods that you use-- for me those include teas, spices and dried herbs, and oils for cooking.  a pantry or wall of cabinets on the other side of the kitchen work beautifully to store more food or special-occasion serving dishes-- the things you will need at some point most days but that it is fine to walk a few feet or so to go get!  to save cabinet space, hang your pots-- but choose a pot rack that really works for your space so that you are not bumping your head against it all the time!

and when designing a small kitchen-- don't try to save space by putting in a smaller sink!  the sink in this kitchen is a double sink with drainboard-- whether you choose a single or a double sink is really about personal preference-- i tend to prefer a BIG single sink because i have large pots to accommodate, but many people like the ability to have dirty dishes in one sink while they are using the other for washing vegetables.  in a small kitchen, however, a drainboard is a lifesaver.  it can serve as extra counter space when you need it, but having a place for wet things straight out of the sink is great when space is at a premium.

and enjoy it-- designing a small kitchen should be fun!


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