creative input

it is important to get out in the world and get some creative input-- some inspiration, if you will.  i think this is probably true no matter what one does in the world.  taking time to enjoy beautiful things (both indoors and out) feeds the soul.

my dad is a novelist.  his days have always been full but he makes space for regular trips to museums, bookstores, and coffee shops-- the places he gets creative input for his writing needs.

my days can, at times, feel so full that i am absolutely certain that i can't really take a 'break' and get out to look at beautiful things.  my work suffers, however, if i don't.  yesterday i took some time, and wandered through an antique shop down the road-- a whole shop full of beautiful things to feast my eyes and senses.

this cabinet, for example-- which has attached itself to me and now has me designing whole rooms around it in my head and on paper...

good for general well being.


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