taking chances

i have not been afraid, in my life, to take a chance now and then.  i have told boys i liked them, tried funky hairstyles, walked away from friendships that were unhealthy, bought shoes that were a little too small (or a little too big), written academic papers in a non-academic style, and designed architecture (for my own houses) that was a little bit on the risky side.  at one point i even put my house on the market to see if i could sell it for the amount i wanted (and then had to move).

the things i don't (knowingly) risk? my health, the health of those around me, the happiness of my children-- for me, these are the big things.

i always figure the worst thing that can happen in the kinds of chances i take is that whatever it is that i am trying to do wont work out.  and then-- my hair will grow back, i can re-write that paper, or, ultimately, i can find another place to live.

life is like that.


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