selling my house


yesterday i signed papers to put my house on the market.  it is a beautiful little house-- sunny and bright, well laid out and well proportioned.  for my daughters and me this house has been a healing place-- a retreat and sanctuary that has protected us and given us time to heal from the trauma of divorce in our lives.  we chose it for its snugness, for its proximity to town, for the conservation land behind it.  we chose it because it had three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and a very sunny living room.  we chose it because it felt like 'us' much more than the big glass-walled house we had been living in.  we chose it because we thought we could live in it forever.  and we have loved living here, loved these sunny little rooms, loved having the time to heal.

the idea of moving, at first, was wrenching. i have spent the last few years building a life around my shop and this little house.  our lives are rooted in this place-- and we are very happy here.  and yet the things that i have learned here, the ways that our lives have grown, allow the possibility of doing something else-- something that will be even better for us.

now it is time to spread our wings a little bit and try something else!

more soon...


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