imagining a better place

this week has been hard!!  two 'open house' nights at my daughters' schools (both were fun and interesting-- and good to have faces to go with the names of their teachers) -- which just means two weeknight evenings out instead of tucked away at my dining room table with my daughters doing our 'homework'.  plus a fair amount of financial stress (my post from earlier this week) caused by a bunch of money needing to go out while less came in than i expected (a common occurrence in the retail world!).  all leading to the sense of this having been a really long week!

when i get stressed i start imagining how things could be better.  for me that means thinking about my home, the shop, and how the two could work better, be more beautiful, and be more exactly be what i would like them to be!

in other words-- i day dream.  sometimes my day dreams are pure fantasy-- a world i create in my head that helps me to get through this one.  i imagine having a magically clean house, or a shop that re-stocks itself without any effort on my part.  other times i imagine something that is actually possible, but just doesn't yet exist.  i have a recurring dream, for example, about combining my home and the shop in the same building-- for ease of commute, workspace, and the financial benefit of not paying for everything twice!

some of my best ideas come from day dreaming.  yours, too?


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