hipster farmers delivering food

last night some friends of mine left to take a truck-load (literally) of food to the wall street occupation in new york city.  my friends are farmers-- part of a large migration into this area over the last ten years or so of young people dedicated to a more sustainable lifestyle.  they farm small local farms, wear hipster clothing, drink high-end imported and local micro-brews-- they are not the farmers of yesteryear.  they are, for the most part, without significant possessions-- they live communally in big houses, they do not yet have children (for the most part), and they work where they need to to make ends meet during the farming-off season.  they are serious about farming, serious about food, and dedicated to making a change in this world of ours.

this valley that i live in is a good place to be for young, hipster-farmers:  the soil is extremely fertile; the general population supports local agriculture; and there is a supportive atmosphere for young people doing good things in the world.  they write poetry and make music, and they sell farm shares.   i love their energy, their attitude of possibility, AND their political awareness.  and i love it that they took a truck-load of food to people protesting in new york.

thanks, guys--


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