five years

our anniversary sale opens this friday-- a clear indication that we are celebrating another birthday here at 'the claw foot tub'!  it has been five years-- five years of meeting people, five years of learning and working in our local community, five years of finding the best products we can find, and five years of arranging things to their best advantage (and to keep the clutter at bay!).

this mosaic, made for us when we first opened by judith inglese our friend and mentor, hangs proudly above our stove in our shop.  judith's work is beautiful, compelling-- and people are drawn to it and comment on it all the time.  yesterday a couple were asking about the mosaic and said-- "it is kind of like the tub is 'the arc'" (as in, noah).


for me 'the claw foot tub' has been an arc-- a vessel for carrying us through the storms of our lives.  it holds our ideas, our creativity, our wants and needs.  it carries us through whatever life throws at us.  and it is the place that i focus my labor, my dreams, my energy.  over the years it has changed-- grown, developed-- as my ideas have focused, and as i have come to understand what i am doing.  these five years have taught me about business, fair trade, buying locally, book keeping-- depending on friends and family-- and most importantly how to trust my own intuition.

i am so grateful!

stop by OCTOBER 21-31 for our celebration sale--20-60% off (almost) everything!  it is going to be fun!


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