finding home

this is such a calm room.  a dining room we turned into a tv room because a dining room wasn't needed.  it was a nice, cozy room-- good for snuggling down on winter nights in maine and watching movies.

when i lived in this house i first started contemplating opening a shop.  i imagined a place where i could sell my goods and services-- and perhaps it could even be in my barn.  this house has a beautiful barn...  it has always been my dream to live and work in the same building.  to pad down to my studio in my early morning hours in my big fluffy slippers, carrying my morning tea.  to be able to bake on friday mornings-- while customers are in and out of the shop-- what we are going to serve for afternoon tea that afternoon.  to sell garden furniture and ornaments and to serve lemonade in the gardens.  to create my own world-- even more than i do now-- and invite people to visit.

i have recently become aware of an opportunity that may allow me to do just this-- to put the shop and my home into one building.  it is a risk-- there is nothing definite about moving a business.  and it is an overwhelming labor-- to think about moving both my home and my shop all at once is beyond exhausting.  but it also feels very right...

just like this room.


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